Love & Truth Ministries, Inc. Founder L. Pat Williams was called into ministry at an early age as a Prophetess/Teacher of The Worrd of God. Growing up in a Baptist Church and baptized at the age of seven years old, was born to God-fearing parents: Mr. Robert Williams a former vocalist with The Bob Williams Cartel. A stellar songwriter and composer Mr. Williams was featured in Billboard Magazine circa 1969 and was in process of signing a major record deal until God revealed that He had other plans for Mr. Williams.  Leaving the secular music industry Mr. Williams married and started a family later becoming a well-beloved Gospel singer and artist that performed in several Gospel music groups:  Messenger, Northern Lights (performances at Dick;s Last Resort Gospel Brunch) as well as Chicago's Landmark  First Baptist Congregational Church for over 20 years.  The Late Barbara Bessie  Williams nee  McCurty, who was a faithful volunteer at TV 38 (WCFC) Christian Television Chicago  founded by TLN's Jerry Rose. The Late Mrs. Barbara Bessie Williams volunteered faithfully from the late 1970s up until The Lord called her home July 20, 1984.  

Mr. Williams remarried an equally God-fearing woman -- Mrs. Lucille (Hampton) Morgan-Williams  December 19, 1987.  Without question, it was "natural" that L. Pat Williams would accept the calling on her life.  However, it would be many years later that Ms. L. Pat Williams would surrender to THE CALL at the age of 27 years old.

After spending years in corporate America working for financial institutions and later transitioning to Media and working in print journalism and Media Management, Ms. L. Pat Williams in seeking a deeper walk with The Lord Jesus Christ ultimately would leave her family's Baptist Church, received The Gift of Speaking in Tongues while attending a Joyce Meyer Conference in Roselle, IL and later join both Non-Denominational "Full Gospel" and Apostolic "Deliverance" ministries, New Birth Outreach Ministries (Pastor Rayford J. Pointer) and Crusaders Ministries (Apostle John Eckhardt), respectively.

Since 2007, Ms. Williams has taken a "grassroots" approach in ministry by reaching lost, hurt and broken souls in need of The Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ via "face to face" i.e., "street witnessing" offering prayer to those "whosoever will." Whether extending the loving hand of Salvation and Deliverance in proximity of Chicago's Gay Bars or whether extending that same loving hand of Salvation and Deliverance on the tough, gang-infested streets of Chicago's "meanest" neighborhoods or whether extending that same loving hand of Salvation and Deliverance via Social Media sites and partnered ministry -- AGAPE (Minister LeKeisha Lawrence-Toney)  or Motion Pictures -- bringing The Gospel to The Big Screen: 10,000 DOORS;  Ms. Williams seeks to be a "clean vessel, for God's usage to bring His LOVE & His TRUTH to this most needful generation, for truly the harvest is full, but the laborers are few."




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